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Stack Overflow

StackOverflow is one of the most used sites for getting help to technical questions, and there are a lot of great answers to Azure Cosmos DB questions already.

Microsoft Q&A

Microsoft Q&A is Microsoft's official online community help forum. Ask questions in the public forum. Can also connect and share privately connect with engineers if needed.

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Visit our user feedback and suggestion site to see what features customers are asking for. Request and vote up features yourself.

SDKs and Samples

Find all of the Azure Cosmos DB SDK source code and official samples on GitHub as well as links to download packaged SDK releases.

Global Virtual User Group

Become a part of our global community and join the Azure Cosmos DB Global User Group. Meetup monthly to learn from experts and connect with others across the community world-wide. Also check out past meetups on YouTube to catch anything you might have missed.

Azure Samples

Browse all of the Azure Cosmos DB Samples from Microsoft Docs you can fork and use to learn or build on top of.

Azure Cosmos DB Live TV

Join Mark Brown for Azure Cosmos DB Live TV. Learn about new features or go deep on existing ones with interviews with the product team as well as customers, partners and the community. Each episode is full of great information, tips and tricks and product news to help you gain expertise from the team and community.

Cosmos Down Under

Join the Cosmos Down Under podcast (audio), brought to you by Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Regional Director, Dr. Greg Low. Each show includes interviews with leading Azure Cosmos DB experts and provides a wealth of information on using Azure Cosmos DB