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Coca-Cola Citrix ABB Quest Aveva-Schneider Albertsons-Safeway Caltex SitePro New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Swedavia Airports BMI Johnson Controls Allscripts asos Elkjop Siemens Healthineers Chamberlain Group Bentley Jato Archive 360 Symantec Creston Liberty Mutual Kognitiv Spark ServiceLink Zeiss Diply Nextens Skype Granden clearTREND Rolls-Royce Exxon-Mobil Cincinnati Children's Hospital Finastra Kohler


Being able to scale globally and have insights that are actually delivered within minutes at a global scale. Is very, very important for us. Putting our data in a service like Cosmos DB allows us to draw insights much faster going from hours that we used to take a couple years ago, to down to minutes. We want to use our work on the Cosmos DB technology as a way to unlock new use cases that we can light up across the globe and create value for our business.

- Neeraj Tolmare, CIO, Global Head of Digital & Innovation at The Coca-Cola Company


Citrix Cloud is built and serviced from within Azure and leverages Cosmos DB for some of our most mission-critical functions. The secure management of multiple tenants, with data security at global scale, is a core design principle for Citrix Cloud that is enabled by our use of services like Cosmos DB.

We needed a globally distributed database that seamlessly and elastically scales to serve our global customers. As our services grow, we need extra computing power to cope with demand and manage our large datasets automatically behind the scenes without the burden of complex online data migrations, freeing our engineering teams to concentrate on business. Cosmos DB enabled us to seamlessly scale with zero downtime. We've been impressed with Azure Cosmos DB, as Citrix cloud has grown, and Cosmos DB databases have grown while still maintaining its 99.999% availability and other SLAs.

Another example, Resource Tokens for Cosmos DB, helps us to add a strong and critical isolation element between our tenants. The rapid pace of solid innovation from the Cosmos DB team continues to enable more capabilities for Citrix Cloud as our needs evolve.

- Terry Duchastel, Senior Principal Architect, Citrix


ABB requires a database that is flexible, adaptable and scalable, and Azure Cosmos DB provides these capabilities to address the needs of our multiple projects. We make use of the enterprise features and various APIs, including the Azure Cosmos DB Gremlin API to create cloud-native project to support all of our customer's needs around the world.

- Pawel Rzadkowski, Development Manager at ABB


For Quest's Spotlight Cloud, we needed a solution that would be highly available, scalable, and performant to support our growing customer base, who rely on Spotlight for their SQL Server performance monitoring and diagnostics. Azure Cosmos DB suited our use case perfectly: handles massive writes at scale, excellent read response times, high availability (99.999%), all with low operational overhead and TCO! We were able to quickly build a proof of concept and go into production in less than 8 months. As we onboard more customers, we value the predictability in terms of performance, latency, and reliability of Azure Cosmos DB.

- Patrick O'Keeffe, VP of Software Engineering at Quest Software


AVEVA is in a constant innovation cycle, and it is critical for us to use technologies that allow us to increase our development agility. AVEVA Connect leverages Azure Cosmos DB for this very reason. The automatic manageability, scalability and reliability of the service allows AVEVA to focus our engineering resources to continuously evolve our products to gain a competitive advantage.

- Douglas Kane, Chief Technologist, Monitoring and Control


Azure Cosmos DB, with the Gremlin API, provided an innovative data solution for our new recipes app. Leveraging Cosmos Graph database, we were able to develop a customized product matching algorithm that served as the core engine for providing relevant products that customers could then shop to make their favorite recipes. The Cosmos Graph platform is being further leveraged to provide personalized product recommendations in the context of recipes to augment the customer shopping experience across all the banner eCommerce websites of Albertson's-Safeway. We are really excited about other use cases with Cosmos DB.

- Sanjay Biswas, Senior Solutions Architect at Albertson's-Safeway


When we were building Caltex's next-generation FuelPay app, Cosmos DB offered the low latency and high throughput required for the app to give our customers a seamless payment experience.

- Viv Da Ros, Chief Information Officer, Caltex Australia


With Azure Cosmos DB and Power BI, we've completely transformed the service we can provide to our customers and created a truly differentiated platform for the oil and gas industry.

- Aaron Phillips, President and Co-CEO, SitePro

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New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

Using the graph database capabilities on Azure Cosmos DB, we were able to create a knowledge graph from a number of distinct data sources. This provided us with a unique view to better serve our customers at a flexible capacity and with the guarantees that Cosmos DB provides on the cloud in terms of security, availability, throughput, latency and consistency. It also integrated seamlessly with Azure Functions, API Management and Event domain to provide a fully managed experience across our entire architecture.

- Abhishek Kumar, Architect, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

Swedavia Airports

Flight information management is a very critical component for the efficient functionality of any airport - and this aspect can have a critical impact on the millions of people who travel every day. Cosmos DB allows us to create a reliable API data platform that applications, both business to business and consumer, can depend on. Its ability to handle data of any shape and serve it in milliseconds enables us to create a source of truth that is always consistent and that we can use to ensure the proper functionality of our airports.

- API Team, Swedavia Airports


BMI processes music usage reports from hundreds of partners all over the world including international rights societies and all of the modern digital music streaming services. These transactions come in a variety of formats and types requiring a scalable, flexible technology solution. BMI has chosen the Azure Cosmos DB product to provide a highly available and scalable architecture utilizing the flexibility of Cosmos DB's schema-free document database. Cosmos DB provides the solution BMI needs to continue to handle a growing volume of data in a digital music industry and stay at the forefront of our industry.

- Mike West, Vice President, Enterprise Applications, Broadcast Music, Inc.

Johnson Controls

The Johnson Controls Digital Vault is a flexible, scalable, cloud-based platform that gathers data, stores it securely, and standardizes it. Our platform converts that data into an information asset you can leverage to predict business and building outcomes and gain new insights related to buildings and occupants. Our Digital Vault can integrate data from a wide range of internal and external sources to help you make sense of your entire building: energy usage, security breaches, equipment performance, and space utilization. Digital Vault, powered by Azure Cosmos DB, which simplifies object relationship management through a single Application Programming Interface (API) layer for IoT data and events. We leverage several key capabilities of Azure Cosmos DB including auto-indexing, global distribution and multi-model capabilities. Having a globally distributed database like Azure Cosmos DB available makes it dramatically easier to build applications to support our customers and buildings wherever they may be. Cosmos DB gives us the low latency and solid SLAs we need, and with fine-grained control over consistency we can make the right choices for our application for performance.

- Dr. Youngchoon Park, VP, Platform and Data Science

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As a developer, having access to a cloud service that takes just a few hours to hook up is gold. Azure Cosmos DB provides so much right out of the box and seems to have an answer for all our needs, like configurable TTL, encryption, RESTful API, and speed-oh, is it fast! These are all features we did not have to implement so we could instead focus on the business layer of our application. Azure Cosmos DB and the other Azure PaaS services allowed us to ramp up our development cycles, which had a multiplicative effect. The best part is, Azure Cosmos DB continues to evolve; I can't wait to unlock its full potential.

- Jose Molina-Melendez, Software Engineer, Allscripts

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At ASOS, we experience tremendous customer demand handling >100M unique daily visitors across >200 countries shopping over >100K of products. We needed a distributed database that seamlessly and elastically scales to serve our global customers. During peak sales periods we need extra computing power to cope with customer demand and manage our large datasets automatically behind the scenes without the burden of complex online data migrations - freeing our engineering teams to concentrate on business features, reducing the need for complex coordination with business + operations teams, and most importantly, seamlessly scaling with zero planned downtime. Well, I have to say I've been impressed with Azure Cosmos DB - we've watched our collections seamlessly grow as our applications have grown while maintaining its 99.999% availability SLA.

- Gary Strange, Lead Data Engineer, ASOS

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Our secret weapon is Azure Cosmos DB. Reliability plays a key role in our mission-critical systems, which require predictable, lightning-fast performance and SLAs of at least 99.99 percent uptime. I'm very glad that we are using Azure Cosmos DB. Thanks to this solution, we are more productive. It's a fast scale up and scale down; we can concentrate on creating real business value.

- Jonas Granlund, Cloud Architect, Elkjop

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Siemens Healthineers

Azure Cosmos DB is an amazing technology. The biggest benefit for us is that we can have one database for anonymous data that is replicated worldwide into all regions that are relevant for us, in a consistency model that perfectly fits our needs. It's key that Azure Cosmos DB is naturally built into the Azure core infrastructure, and we can build on its high availability and replication, offering software to all our customers at the same time.

- Thomas Gossler, Lead Architect, Digital Ecosystem Platform

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Data at and Walmart Labs is scale. E-commerce will be a $1 trillion business in the next five to ten years, and Azure Cosmos DB is critical to our vision, because we need a database that will elastically scale with us. Not only that - but we also need true elasticity and the ability to scale up/down on demand to help us manage our costs carefully. We experience big peaks during key shopping days, where expected rates of events can increase 10 to 20 compared to the rest of the year.

For example, for Black Friday and Cyber Monday - we needed the ability to enough provisioned throughput to satisfy 1 trillion Request Units over 24 hours to satisfy our customer demand. To solve this - we deployed a geo-replicated Cosmos DB collection configured for 10 million request units per second. For example, for Black Friday and Cyber Monday - we needed the ability to enough provisioned throughput to satisfy 1 trillion Request Units over 24 hours to satisfy our customer demand. To solve this - we deployed a geo-replicated Cosmos DB collection configured for 10 million request units per second.

Cosmos DB's elastic scale, automatic indexing and Change Feed support makes it an excellent event store for event sourcing. Heterogeneous events can be automatically indexed for query, and the event log exposed through Change Feed can be used to reconstruct past states. Performing writes in an append-only manner via event sourcing is fast and scalable for systems that are write-heavy, in particular when used in combination with a write-optimized database. Many of our microservices are mission critical components to our business. Cosmos DB gives us peace of mind with an aggressive 99.99% availability guarantee when deployed to a single region - which is further strengthened to 99.999% when deployed across regions using Cosmos DB's global distribution.

- Scott Havens, Director of Engineering, and Walmart Labs

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Chamberlain Group

Azure Cosmos DB frees our developers to focus on delivering value to our MyQ users by providing unlimited scale and global distribution in a fully managed service.

- Jeff Paine, MyQ Middleware Manager, Chamberlain Group


We see great potential for Azure Cosmos DB in our products. Building a flexible, scalable data layer with Azure Cosmos DB will enable us to deliver actionable insights to our users.

- Kaustubh Page, Senior Product Manager for Analytical Insights and Design Insights, Bentley Systems


Azure Cosmos DB has enabled us to put our graph data where our customers are, globally. Combining this flexibility with the capability to store documents, graph objects, and tabular data, all in the same place, has meant we are saving time developing our applications.

- Dave McHugh, Chief Technology and Data Architect, JATO Dynamics


Archive2Azure's tight integration between Azure Cosmos DB Gremlin API and Azure Blob Storage is a major pillar that supports our intelligent information management platform at scale and across dozens of different file types.

- Tibi Popp, CTO, Archive360

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Cosmos DB has delivered a high-performance worldwide platform for our global reputation system. With a click of a button we can rapidly deploy regions worldwide to deliver excellent response time to our customers and partners. The Cosmos DB Cassandra API eliminated major engineering efforts during migration of our services as we were able to integrate with very minimum change. Our largest service is slated to migrate with the launch of Cassandra API support.

- Michael Shavell, Technical Director / Architect, Symantec


Cosmos DB continues to provide us the scale and performance needed across many regions in making our Crestron XiO Cloud successful. Support for multi-master write will be a huge plus moving forward.

- Krushna Samanta, Senior Manager Software Products & Enterprise Solutions, Crestron

Liberty Mutual

At Liberty Mutual, we are always looking for new ways to engage with our customers and personalize their web experience. To do this, we needed to approach data modeling differently. We had a mix of hierarchical and transitive relationship patterns and data normalization was only taking us so far. Modeling our data as a graph enabled us to address our needs, and Azure Cosmos DB enabled us to deliver this solution quicker, and in a cloud managed environment that's enterprise-ready, scalable and highly performant. The Cosmos DB Change Feed API helped us simplify synchronization with existing Systems of Record, allowing us to focus on building customer-centric capabilities rather than infrastructure and operational concerns.

- Arvin Suresh, Architect, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Kognitiv Spark

The low latency geo-replicated nature of the Multi-Master feature is critical to RemoteSpark users by allowing them to connect to their local Azure Cosmos DB database, facilitating a common session between remote front-line workers and an expert. They can communicate via video/audio call, share documents, and view interactive IoT enabled holograms even though each user is connected to a different Azure Data Center. This enables remote workers to connect to experts anywhere in the world without worrying which is the best data center to connect to for optimum performance.

- Ryan Groom, CTO, Kognitive Spark


Cosmos DB helps us to scale out our digital integration scenarios with a tremendously reduced need of actually 'caring' about the resource and with a high degree of flexibility of API & data models.

- Kai Walter, Lead IT Solution Architect, ZEISS Group


We consider Azure Cosmos DB Graph API a major financial win for us. We get Azure Cosmos DB Graph API for about 2 percent of the price of our previous solution. We use Azure Cosmos DB elastic scaling to accommodate that load without having to pay for maximum capacity 24/7. We simply scale up for the duration of the import, whether that takes 10 seconds or two minutes, and then instantly scale back down.

- Darren Boon, Development Manager, Diply


When our customers are in the thick of doing their work, they need the right content at that moment. Our customers can look up details on recent law changes far more easily with Azure Search and Azure Cosmos DB. We refreshed our Nextens platform with Azure Cosmos DB graph and improved the quality of the relationships between all our content types, including tax laws, news, and jurisprudence. Our customers can look up details on recent law changes far more easily with Azure Search and Azure Cosmos DB graph.

- Michael Goedhart, Senior Director of Technology, Nextens


Cosmos DB combines schema free document database with SQL syntax and Change Feed streaming capabilities, all under strict SLA. This is great! This substantially simplified our architecture and enabled us to meet all our core requirements.

- Frantisek Kaduk, Principal Software Engineer, Skype


Azure Cosmos DB provides the backbone of the solution, giving GranDen worldwide, low-latency, highly scalable data access.

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clearTREND Research

Business models are under attack, especially in the financial industry. Azure Cosmos DB is a technology that can adapt, evolve, and allow a business to innovate faster in order to turn opportunities into strategic advantages.

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The market and the customer need have become much broader as aircraft and engines have gotten more talkative and the scope of our services has increased. There are terabytes of data coming from large aircraft fleets, with gigabytes per hour-rather than kilobytes-to process and analyze.

- Nick Farrant, Senior Vice President, Rolls Royce

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With Azure as a base platform, we can move data within the environment and into the hands of our staff via any tool they want to use.

- David Baumgarten, Lead Architect - XTO Energy

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Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

The EHR system has the ability to push out events, and Cincinnati Children's wanted to be able to respond to those quickly and update app users with new information on same day surgery cases. The hospital solved the challenge using Azure Event Grid, Azure Functions, and Azure Cosmos DB.

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Our platform intersects a great deal of data and technology, yet our complete integration with Azure streamlines our infrastructure, simplifies our processes and makes our lives infinitely easier.

- Felix Grevy, Global Head of Product Management, Finastra

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IoT telemetry data is stored using a Lambda approach, whereby hot-path data flows into Azure Cosmos DB for internal analytics through Microsoft Power BI, and external visualization via web and mobile apps.

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